Find IP address by using python with Eaglesoft.

 This is an amazing day for us. Because today we are going to find the IP address of any website by using world-famous programming with Eaglesoft Programmers.

yes you’re right guess.we are going to use python for this purpose.

We have need to performs some steps for this purpose.

  1. We have a need to sat Python programming environment in our systems.
  2. Open your Python code editor and write code in your fresh and new file “import socket as s”
  3. Press enter and write in another line “my_hostname=s.gethostname()”
  4. In the same way, we move the cursor to another line and type “my_hostname=s.gethostname()”
  5. For get the name of your system write “print(“Your host name is:” + my_hostname)”
  6. Now write “my_ip=s.gethostbyname(my_hostname)” this code help you to get IP of your system.
  7. if you want to see IP your system write “print(“Your ip adress is: “+ my_ip)”
  8. in next line write ”  webhost=”URL”  ” in this code you replace your target website with URL .
  9. Write “web_ip=s.gethostbyname(webhost)”
  10. Congarulations you are successful to find IP your targeted website now just print it by write “print(“IP adress of “+webhost+ ” is :”+web_ip) “

Here is full source code for find IP address of any website :

import socket as s
print(“Your host name is:” + my_hostname)
print(“Your ip adress is: “+ my_ip)
print(“IP adress of “+webhost+ ” is :”+web_ip)
in the above method, if you feel any problem then watch the video with full details.

Here is a full Video to find IP address of any website :

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